Product quality is the foundation of BOGE electric appliances. Since the establishment, BOGE Company has been dedicated to establishing the professional technological team with huge investment, and actively introducing advanced production and testing devices, to strictly control each link during production and trying to provide the mass clients with excellent electrotechnical products by continuous technical innovation and strict product quality control.
Among the numerous products, the fifth generation of switch pendulum structural switch released in the year of 2014 is the outstanding representative of the advanced technology of BOGE products.
It is known to all that in electric industry, the first four generations of switch products are all in the type of warped plate.
In addition, the requirements of pendulum-structure switch on spare parts are higher than those of warped-plate-structure switch; hence, all the spare parts of the switch products in BOGE company are produced by the company itself, which are manufactured by strictly following the relevant standards, to fully satisfy the higher requirements on the quality of spare parts.

    TechnologyThe stainless steel spring is chosen for the inside, which makes the contact surface between contacts more than 96%, to make the contact tighter and safer and improves the performance by 60%. In addition, the mechanical life reaches more than 75,000 times. The overall performance is improved by 50% compared to warped-plate structure. It becomes softer in hand feeling.
    TechnologyThe socket adopts double-tier plug set design, which can effectively reduce contact resistance, prevent the socket from being burned, make the insertion and extraction more reliable and softer in hand feeling.
    Technologyhe switch cover adopts integrated design, which can effectively reduce assembling processes and improve installation efficiency.
    TechnologyThe keys undergo special technological processing. While turning it on or turning it off, the sound is light and tactile.
    Technology7.5mm concise and simple super-thin appearance: the technology of the panel is exquisite, the texture is clear, and the contact is tight. It is fashionable.
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